Boxes For Moving

Relocating your home or business can be frustrating and stressful. Despite the best-laid plans, there always are some steps you could have done better. Breakages and damages might have been avoided. Time and costs might have been saved. Insurance can never replace precious items or irreplaceable records.

You can pay removalists to pack everything but that does not guarantee that your most important possessions are handled the way you would want. Sometimes there is no alternative to packing some boxes for moving, yourself.

Sometimes, too, you cannot afford to pay for someone to do all the packing or indeed the moving – it has to be a D-I-Y project.

You can pack with care but if the boxes for moving are not strong, clean and securable, no amount of packing material can avoid damage. Used cardboard boxes can be structurally unsound and harbour insects and germs. New boxes from retail outlets are expensive for single use moves and a headache to dispose of at journey’s end.

Eco Move can save you time, money and landfill concerns with its range of engineered, strong re-usable plastic boxes for moving that are stackable, hygienic and can be secured for transit.

Combine these excellent, purpose-designed boxes for moving with a door-to-door delivery and collection service that covers most of metropolitan Melbourne, and you have a practical solution for packing peace-of-mind.

Just name the dates and locations for delivery and collection of empty moving boxes, and decide the number and sizes of boxes for moving you require.

Eco Move offers a variety of box hiring packages which have comprise the most popular packing box sizes and numbers ordered by our residential and business clients. Most box packages also include a supply of box labels, security ties and even a box dolly for easy movement of packing boxes prior to moving and when unpacking.

Most box hiring packages include free delivery and collection of boxes for moving within our Melbourne service area.

Tell us when you want the Eco Move to deliver and collect your boxes for moving, and we will look after the rest. If more boxes for moving are required prior to your shift, just let us know and we will deliver. If you need to hire your moving boxes longer than expected, that won’t be a problem either.

Our hiring charges are modest – cheaper than most cardboard box hiring costs charged by removalists and retail purchase prices.

Save more time and money at the completion of your move. There’s no need to break up boxes for recycling or landfill. Our hire boxes are re-used many times so the initial energy cost is spread over many hirings which is good for the environment.

Eco Move hires boxes for moving in Melbourne metropolitan area with coverage of most suburbs.

Details of our product/pricing mix and Melbourne service area are available at pricing page. Just enter the postcodes for packing box delivery and collection to confirm the availability of our service and delivery charges, if any.

Eco Move’s boxes for moving cut costs, save time and reduce the risk of damage to your precious items.