Cheap Moving Boxes Melbourne

Planning to move your home or business? It can be a stressful time and costly, too.

Eco Move has introduced a new service that can save you time, money and worry.

Instead of using second-hand cardboard boxes provided by removalists, the hiring cost for which is usually loaded into the quoted price, consider what Eco Move offers.

We deliver cheap moving boxes Melbourne suburbs then collect them once the shift is complete. This means you can unbundle removalists quoted prices and negotiate the best overall cost of the move.

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While the hire of our moving boxes is not expensive, unlike the flimsy storage boxes stocked by many retailers, our plastic moving boxes and lids are sturdy, stackable secure and have been purposely designed for moving and repeat use.

New cardboard boxes don’t make sense for single use moves. Not only are they are costly and cumbersome to transport in folded form, but they require further time and effort once the move is complete to break them up for recycling. Alternatively, they go to landfill which is not ecologically responsible.

You simply name the dates and locations for delivery and collection of the empty moving boxes, and choose the number and sizes of the boxes you need.

Eco Move has developed a number of cheap moving box hiring packages containing generous mixes of the most popular packing box sizes and numbers ordered by our residential and business clients. Most packages also include a supply of box labels, security ties and even a box dolly for easy movement of packing boxes prior to shipping and when unpacking.

If more boxes are required prior to your move, just let us know and we will deliver. If you need to hire moving boxes for longer than expected, that won’t be a problem.

Eco Move is not a removalist. We simply hire, deliver and collect moving boxes to people and businesses planning to relocate within most of the Melbourne metropolitan area. Click here to see the limits to our Melbourne service area and available cheap moving box packages.

Delivery and collection of boxes within most of our Melbourne service area is free of charge. Just enter the postcodes for box delivery and collection locations to confirm the availability of our service and delivery charges, if any.

Whether you plan to use a removalist to relocate your belongings or to do it yourself, Eco Move’s cheap moving boxes plus the included delivery and collection service takes stress out of moving – and saves you money, too.