Cheap Packing Boxes Melbourne

Make Your Next Move Easier And Save Money Too!

For many people, the decision to relocate their home or business can be challenging one.  There is much to consider … big issues.  What do you gain and lose by the change?  Is the timing right?  Should we pay extra for the removalist to do all the packing or pack up ourselves so precious or irreplaceable items are not damaged … or simply to reduce costs?

Supposing you decide to pack yourself, most people typically get their removalist to hire and supply them with the packing boxes they need (often battered and already well used) or they purchase new one from stationery stores. New cardboard packing boxes work out to be an expensive option if they are only to be used once.

Now you have a cheap alternative; one that gives you peace of mind while respecting your preference for ecologically-sensitive solutions.

Eco Move combines the supply of hygienic, special-purpose, re-usable plastic packing boxes with a door-to-door delivery and collection service covering most of metropolitan Melbourne – a service that can save you time, stress and money.

You no longer have to spend time buying cardboard boxes – often too big or too small for your needs – then struggling to transport them home.  Having someone to deliver and collect the empty packing boxes frees up your new space, sooner.

Eco Move cheap packing boxes

•    have structural integrity,
•    sturdy lids which can be tie-locked
•    are hygienic and
•    do not sag or collapse when packed upon one another.

You simply name the dates and locations for delivery and collection of empty packing boxes, then choose the number and sizes of the boxes you need.

Eco Move has developed a number of inexpensive packing box hiring packages which contain generous mixes of the most popular packing box sizes and numbers ordered by our residential and business clients.  Most packages include box labels, security ties and even a box dolly for easy movement of packing boxes prior to shipping and when unpacking.  How very thoughtful!

Simply let us know when you want the empty Eco Move packing boxes delivered and collected, and we do the rest.  If you need our cheap packing boxes for longer than expected, that won’t be a problem either – the hiring term can be extended for little extra cost.

Save money.  Our packing box hiring prices are very competitive – usually much cheaper than most cardboard box hiring costs charged by removalists and retail purchase prices.

Save time.  There is no need to deconstruct boxes at the completion of your move.  Since our packing boxes are re-used many times, the initial energy cost used in their production is spread over many hirings which is good for the environment.

Eco Move hires cheap packing boxes for use within metropolitan Melbourne.

Go to for details of our product/pricing mix, and service area.  We offer free delivery of packing boxes to most of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Just enter the postcodes for packing box delivery and collection to confirm the availability of our service and delivery charges, if any.

Whether you plan to use a removalist to pack your belongings or to do it yourself, strong  Eco Move re-usable packing boxes combined with our empty box delivery and collection service can take much of the stress out of moving – and save you money, too.