Removalist boxes

Removalist Boxes

Removalist boxes take all shapes and forms. Some are new; others are not. Used removal boxes might appear to be an economic proposition – but are they?

Used removalist boxes may be structurally unsound and harbour insects and germs. Overloaded, inappropriately-sized removalist boxes can contribute to damaged possessions. No amount of taping will compensate for weak boxes or ensuring their contents have not been tampered with during the shift.

Eco Move now offers a range of strong, hygienic and securable removal boxes of different sizes that can be hired for as long as you require them. On the days you stipulate, Eco Move will deliver your chosen number and mix of removal boxes to your current address then collect them at your destination once the move is complete.

a removalist moving his boxes

Whether you call in removalists or D-I-Y, removal boxes from Eco Move is the smart way to save yourself time, money and heartache when you have to move home or a business.

By hiring removal boxes from Eco Move, you are better placed to obtain more accurate costing for your move by unbundling prices quoted by removalists who include box hire in their costs.

Another option is to buy new moves for removal boxes from a stationery retailer. Unless you plan to move again within a short time-frame, it may be uneconomic to buy new boxes and then have to break them down to recycle or end up in landfill. Try fitting folded boxes in your car. It is a struggle. Eco Move ticks off this step in your moving schedule, without fuss and an affordable hiring cost.

Eco Move’s range of strong plastic removal boxes have been engineered to be reused. They come in different sizes are stackable, hygienic and can be secured for transit.

Combine these excellent, purpose-designed removal boxes with our door-to-door delivery and collection service covering most of metropolitan Melbourne, and you have a practical, affordable solution for packing peace-of-mind.

Eco Move offers a variety of box hiring packages which have comprise the most popular packing box sizes and numbers ordered by our residential and business clients. Most box packages also include a supply of box labels, security ties and even a box dolly for easy movement of packing boxes prior to moving and when unpacking.

If more boxes for moving are required prior to your shift, just let us know and we will deliver. If you need to hire your moving boxes longer than expected, that won’t be a problem either.

Most box hiring packages include free delivery and collection of boxes for moving within our Melbourne service area.

Our hiring charges normally work out cheaper than most removalists cardboard box hiring costs and retail purchase prices.

Save more time and money at the completion of your move. There’s no need to break up boxes for recycling or landfill. Our removal boxes are re-used many times so the initial energy cost is spread over many hires which is good for the environment.

Eco Move hires removal boxes in Melbourne with a service area that covers most of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Details of our removalist box product/pricing mix and Melbourne service area are available at Just enter the postcodes for packing box delivery and collection to confirm the availability of our service and delivery charges, if any.

Eco Move’s removal boxes cut costs, save time and cost, while reducing the risk of damage to your precious items.