Moving House Storage Melbourne

warehouse storage checklist

Our moving house storage system is designed for those customers that have moved with us and do not require regular access to their goods. We have our own storage warehouse and numerous working relationships with many storage companies across Melbourne, enabling easy access from virtually anywhere in the city.

Our storage system is simple, with rates starting from $15 per cubic metre per month. We use a modular storage system that securely houses your goods in a designated area. Modular storage can be enlarged or reduced at any time to fit with your requirements.


How do you know how much storage you need?

If you are interested in storing your belongings, our experienced team will be able to provide you with an estimate of how much space you are likely to need and provide a quote in relation to how long you will be looking to store your belongings.

On moving day, the team will then measure exactly how many cubic metres (or parts thereof!) that your goods require, and if necessary, update your quote. This means that you don’t pay for any unused space!

Eco Boxes Vs Cardboard

plastic moving boxes vs cardboard boxes